Srixon 2021 ZX Drivers

Words: Jeremy Kehler Photos: Srixon/Cleveland Golf

Srixon has arguably been the sleeper OEM for the past several years. They’ve pushed out product that equals or exceeds many of the large manufacturers. That is slowly changing though. Several factors, including tour usage and increased marketing, have led Srixon to become more popular and have led to small, but vibrant, cult following of their products.

Sumitomo Rubber Company, a large Japanese conglomerate, is the owner of Srixon and Cleveland golf. They have the resources and the drive to continually push their golf companies to innovate and not rest on previous accomplishments. The ZX line carries on the past year’s successes but has improvements throughout.

How much has improved? Well, the true litmus test is their star endorser, Hideki Matsuyama. Hideki is always tinkering with his bag and setup. Just peruse GolfWRX’s WITB section for further proof. You’ll also note over the past several years, he has not gamed a Srixon driver. Why? Well, he doesn’t have a full bag contract and as such he is able to put whatever driver he wants into play. Not only has he put the ZX driver in play, it’s more importantly stayed there too!

Another big change is the inclusion of a torx adapter wrench. Finally! While it probably wasn’t holding back sales a whole lot, it was still strange that Srixon used a non T20-25 torx bit on their wrenches. Compared to the outgoing Z585 and 785 drivers, the ZX7 has two moveable weights compared to the single weight in both previous drivers. The weights are interchangeable and Srixon sells them so that custom fitters, or habitual tinkerers, can dial in the swingweight to meet their needs.

Both drivers are stock 45.25″ and 59° lie angle. The ZX7 is one swingweight point heavier at D3.

We still haven’t had the chance to game them in real world conditions, and when we do, we will be posting the results. Like always, Srixon has arguably the best selection of no upcharge shafts and also has some moderate increases for the hottest aftermarket versions.

Cost for the ZX7 is $529.99 USD ($649.99CAD) and for the ZX5 is $499.99USD ($674.99CAD).

All images are from the Srixon website.

ZX5 & ZX7