Puma PWRADAPT 2.0: Leather is still relevant


Words: Jeremy Kehler        Photos: Jeremy Kehler

Pros: Great fit, easy to order, good value

Cons: Could use a few more colour options, hard to find brick and mortar retailers

With the recent trend of synthetics dominating the golf shoe landscape, it’s refreshing to see a mainline company come out with not only a full leather shoe, but one that also has all the performance benefits of their synthetic counterparts.

While Puma might not have the same market domination as Footjoy, they still have a market share that is something to be envied amongst other manufacturers. Puma is not a small company and in all honestly, the golf shoe division isn’t high on their priority list when it comes to product management.

This is why it’s refreshing to see what Puma Golf is starting to churn out.  While it isn’t geared toward overtaking their competitors, it does fill a niche market of old school purists who also don’t want to look like old school purists. Enter PwrAdapt.

The shoe combines a traditional leather outer with a neoprene inner liner and a cutting edge sole design. While most leather shoes have straight leather construction, the PwrAdapt seamlessly adds the neoprene.  That neoprene adds a layer of comfort traditional leather shoes are void of.


I have worn these shoes the majority of my rounds this year to try and emulate a season’s worth of wear based on a golfer having a rotation of 3 pairs of shoes.

We purchased the shoes off of the Cobra Puma Golf Canada website. Shipping took 7 days and shipped from Canada. Tied into this order was a custom Cobra MIM gap wedge, which was a fourteen day delivery. Both times were more then acceptable considering the Covid-19 pandemic that was significantly clogging transportation times when the order was made.

These shoes were comfortable right out of the box.  Scary comfortable.  It’s a bit of a crapshoot ordering apparel and shoes online without actually being able to try them on first. They were great to walk in and didn’t hurt the arch of the foot at all.  The first sign of discomfort was when I started hitting balls on the range.  This was not entirely unexpected as the leather needs to stretch and mold itself to the wearer’s foot shape.  It took about 4-5 rounds where I wasn’t able to feel the leather “bend”.  I haven’t reached out to Puma see if these shoes can be heat molded but based off of the construction, I’d be surprised if they could be.

Traction with these shoes is outstanding! Not once have I slipped, even in full out wet conditions. Having a shoe that slips can be harmful to the course as it tears up the root structure just underneath the surface, destroying the grass. Conversely, having a shoe that stays in place can benefit the grass as it allows vital oxygen to reach just below the surface of the grass.


Each shoe has 7 Softspikes Tornado cleat which do not leave outrageous footprints on the green.  They are fast twist 3.0 and so far durability has been as expected. I always try and walk on the grass and not the cart path to improve the spikes wear life. It also helps with the soles built in traction features allowing them to be useful longer.

Laces are a bit of a personal thing as some people like them closer to the shoe and others like them a bit further away.  My personal preference is to have the lace as close to the tongue as possible, something that the round laces that came with the shoe didn’t provide. It didn’t however make anything uncomfortable and they have consistently held the knot very well.  I will be experimenting with different laces in the coming weeks to see how that aspect of the shoe can be improved.



Durability has been very good, but it must be noted I have not abused or stressed the shoes to the limit. There have been no manufacturing issues we’ve encountered so far and all stitching has held up as one would expect.

Overall, are these shoes are as good as advertised.  The online ordering process was very intuitive and seamless between both both golf divisions. Even though we couldn’t try them before the purchase, they fit perfectly.  And that is a good thing.

Cost: $199

Shipping: Free on all orders over $50