Taking the industry by Storm

Words: Jeremy Kehler   Photos: Jeremy Kehler  Location: Breezy Bend CC, Winnipeg


What we like: Made in Canada, great quality, fully custom

What we don’t like: More colour options needed

A while back we had the opportunity to try out the Storm Towel from Stewart-Hathway.  We were truly impressed with not only the quality of the product but also how well it performed.  The product is not only designed in Canada, it is also made in the country as well.

Zoom ahead 18 months and the Storm product line has a few more additions to it. We knew when we first tested the Storm Towel that there were many products that could be made with the material design.



In several conversations back then, Hathway Stewart company head Dave Stewart hinted that there may be a few more products in the pipeline depending on how well the Storm Towel was received.  Well, based on that communication, it’s safe to say that the product has been very well received.

The Storm Towel has gone from a one item product line to one that currently consists of 6 different offerings.  We don’t think they’re done either, but as of right now we are pleased to bring this review and showcase highlight of a great made-in-Canada product.

After some back and forth emails and phone calls, Dave wanted us to see the new Storm Covers and what they could do. Having experienced bespoke, truly one-off demo items, I was expecting them to arrive many weeks after the graphics had been settled on.  Nope.  Within 36 hours of the initial offer, not only had graphic proofs been created, they also said they could be shipped out the next day.  Well, sure enough, less then a week after placing the order, the products had arrived at our doorstep.  Remember, this is without express delivery!

Just like the towel, the covers are very well made.  Hand stitched by a local team in Ontario, the quality control is as good as we’ve seen in the market segment.  The printing, which is a full digital process, allows them the create designs extremely quickly and produce them faster then traditional stitching would.  Having this ability is another reason that makes the product so attractive to green grass shops. It also allows Hathway-Stewart to retain the designs and can easily modify or update them from year to year.

For those not familiar with the Storm Towel material, it consists of a waterproof outer shell and a cotton terry towel inner lining with a polyurethane membrane wedged in the middle. This allows it to keep the club dry but still can retain water if so desired to help keep clubs clean.





Looking at the portfolio of renowned courses in the GTA that have ordered the Storm line is impressive.  At the top of the list is the National, arguably one of Canada’s top three courses. It won’t surprise at all if this product line explodes across the country, it’s that good.

Care for the Storm Covers is just like the towel. It washes extremely well and stains are removed with ease. The only thing that one should be made aware of is not drying on high heat.  If a dryer has to be used, tumble dry low should be the setting used.

Material colour options: Black, Red, Navy, Grey, White

Now the Storm Pouch is the sneaky item we weren’t expecting to like as much as we did. Simply wow.  It’s great for storing any valuables and keeping them safe from the elements.  How safe you ask?  Well, the writer of this article encountered a hail storm and it protected a smart phone completely subjected to the elements.  Yes, a protective cover was on the phone, but the device was completely dry after.  I’d have no issues putting a high end watch, or wearable device in there for safe keeping, not only during the round, but for life in general.

Material colour options: Black, Red, Navy, Grey, White




Website pricing:

Storm Cover:

Driver, fairway and hybrid $60 (includes custom options)

Storm Pouch $30

Shipping in Canada is included with purchases made from the Hathway-Stewart Website.