Review: Capliner & Milwaukee Inkzall

Written:  Jeremy Kehler  Photos: Jeremy Kehler Photo Location: Breezy Bend CC, Winnipeg, MB

Capliner Summary:

What we like: quality materials, great design, tour proven

Not like: no current North American distribution. Yet.

Verdict: The best ball alignment marking device we’ve ever tested. No contest.

Milwaukee Summary:

What we like: Tiger approved, found at big box home improvement stores, competitively priced.

Not like: Still trying to figure that out.

Verdict:  Another great excuse to make a trip to Home Depot.


In the world of ball alignment, there is the $5-10 cheap plastic ball molds that has been in the market for several decades now.  While it has been a very effective tool for helping golfers line up their putts, it still was a rather cheap build.  There also wasn’t anything that had gained a real foothold on any of the professional tours.

Enter Capliner.

First off, it must be known that this product has already developed a cult following in South Korea, where it was designed and engineered.  The vast majority of golfers in the USA and Canada have absolutely no clue about the Korean golf industry.   In Korea, professional golfers, especially female touring professionals, are mega stars.  Capliner has done a tremendous job of activating several Korean PGA/LPGA  professionals even before the product launched, helping create hype as well as getting valuable feedback.



The technology behind the design is pretty simple: help align the ball when putting, and to some extent, off the tee as well. The three track design isn’t exactly new, but how it’s presented is. It is dual directional which helps align itself with the putter face.   I found having the small cross in the middle helped with using both eyes for alignment.  I found it very effective no matter which eye I isolated at address.

As this is a dual product review, I used four different colours from Milwaukee Tools.  Not only was I testing to see the durability of the marks on the golf ball, I was also curious to see how I benefited from different colour combinations.

As it is currently summer, I deliberately didn’t test the red/green combination as it reminded me of Christmas, and ahem, snow.



My favourite was the green/black combination, with red/blue and green/blue close behind.  I have been using the red/blue three track combination long before Callaway Golf popularized it with their Triple Track technology. Capliner takes it to a whole new level.

Due to some time constraints, I didn’t test solid colours but I think full red or blue would be very effective. I was however able to use the Capliner/Milwaukee Inkzall permanent marker combination on several golf balls to see how ink stayed on the ball. After 18 holes, it was very evident that the Srixon cover with SpinSkin tech held onto the marker substantially better then a TP5X and ProV1 did. Based on this, I would surmise that Bridgestone Golf’s new Tour B series would also hold onto the marker a bit better then other manufacturers based on the cover application.


I also tested how well each of the four colours would last on each golf ball. While I didn’t make  extensively detailed MyGolfSpy style spreadsheet, I did make notes about each colour and ball combination.

Black held on very well, no matter what ball was used. In fact, there was no difference. The colours on the other hand were a completely different story. Blue and Red didn’t stick at all on the TP5/TP5X and ProV1/ProV1x.  Green seemed to be okay on the previously mentioned balls but not as good when applied to the Srixon Z Star/ Z Star XV balls .



I guess what most golfers would like to know:  is the Milwaukee permanent markers better then Sharpie that is currently the dominant leader in the market.  When it comes to black, a simple yes is suffice. In terms of colours, I think that Milwaukee does hold up as well as a Sharpie would, with green being the standout colour.

Overall, we liked both products, but Capliner is something else.  This technology would benefit so many golfers, especially those high handicappers who three jack more often then two putt.  Milwaukee permanent markers surprised us quite nicely and gave us some great colour combinations to use with the Capliner alignment device.

Will this turn you into a PGA tour pro?  Not quite, but it will definitely help you take a few bucks from your buddies during the round.

Capliner:  $37CAD shipped to North America.


Milwaukee Inkzall:  $6CAD