Modern Golf Toronto (Pics)

Words and Photos by Jeremy Kehler

It’s not often I get to visit and tour a place such as Modern Golf.  In the world of custom fit golf clubs, they are near, if not at, the top of their field.  They have every tool necessary to not only properly fit a golfer, but then go ahead and build the perfectly fit club.

OG JP Wedges.  Note the Damascus Steel models.   Simply Wow….

Most of my time was spent chuckling at what they had available to test. The walls of shafts are a sight to behold.  Stocking virtually every retail shaft around, the options one has are endless.

Project X Handcrafted/Small Batch shafts galore.

Wood, iron, wedge and putter shafts, from graphite to steel to alloy it’s all there. Every die hard golfer should get a tour level fitting at some point. It will open ones eyes to what optimizes their swing.  Having this knowledge is extremely beneficial. Why? Well, once you know what type of equipment best suits your swing, you can make a better decision when making that next purchase, especially if you are not able to have a “normal” fitting session beforehand.

The 6.5 TX is essentially a 7.0.  Also, the TX was initially a Tour Only product, but is now becoming increasingly available through retail outlets.

Being informed about the way you launch the ball, spin rates, consistency etc. is vital to achieving the lowest score possible.  Places such as MG allow one to test every conceivable possibility.



Note the Trackman 4.  Interesting that they prefer this unit over the GC Quad.






Digital Mitchell Loft/Lie Machine.