BGT Stability Putter Shaft

Jeremy Kehler

July 3, 2019


When I was first given the opportunity to review the Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability putter shaft, I was honestly a bit skeptical about the product.  Just another gimmick to that might look and feel “techie”, but provide no other benefits then a little pixie dust every so often was my initial perception of the shaft.  The shaft is a graphite/steel combo.  They way to best describe it is a steel shaft that is bonded onto an even larger graphite shaft.

(For full disclosure, I was able to hit a few putts with the shaft at the Orlando PGA Show in January, but didn’t put a lot into the experience as it was between appointments)

Well, long story short, after several emails with their PR department, I sent my TaylorMade Spider Tour putter to BGT’s headquarters based in the other golf equipment mecca, Forth Worth Texas.  2 weeks later arrived the reassembled putter with its new engine.


Hmmm. This shaft was different.  After 3-4 seconds of scratching my head, I realized they sent the putter back with all black components, compared to the black graphite/chrome combo I was used to seeing.  It made the putter pop. Aesthetically it was like taking your car to the dealer and getting it back with shiny new rims instead of the ugly stock ones.

After communicating with Trever Napier from BGT regarding regripping techniques, he stated that the shaft can indeed handle compressed air, which was a relief to me. I try to install all my grips using compressed air as it makes switches or adjustments a piece of cake.   So I installed several grips to test it with.  First off was a Superstroke GTR Tour and a Garsen Quad Tour Proto.

The reason I decided to try different grips was to evaluate the feel aspect of the shaft.   Would a firmer or softer grip make a difference?  Well, it did. How did it make a difference? You see that’s wherein the heart of this review lies. It didn’t.

Yes, I’m not kidding.  I had the same issue with either grip.  My distance control was awful from long range. From 10 feet and in, I was deadly.  Anything over that distance, forget about it. Needless to say I put the shaft through its paces.   I tested toe hits, heel strikes and perfectly face centered putts.  This shaft will not twist. At all. I noticed that my margin for error was substantially less then any other shaft I’ve used.  That’s a good thing.  So I knew that there was indeed something to this shaft, and the tech behind it. But what about the distance control issue with lag putts?


One windy, rainy day I was messing around my work bench and came across a Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound grip.  The colours matched the putter so, with nothing better to do I installed it.  Weird.  Even waggling the putter felt different. 48 hours later  I was at my home club on the putting green seeing what the change would do.

Wow.  Completely different. It was like all of a sudden I had a weapon in my hands from long range. But what about the shorter putts in which the larger grip is most beneficial? Well, actually there was no difference whatsoever, besides the putter feeling more “crisp”. Then it dawned on me. It totally makes sense.  On my Spider Tour, I removed the stock 2 gm weights and put 12 gm in it’s place.  That made the putter have a higher MOI.  Combined with the extremely stable shaft, it was almost like having a larger grip was over kill.


I’ve heard some people compare this shaft to Callaway Golf’s Stroke Lab product, which is a completely different concept.  Stroke Lab is essentially promoting optimal “launch” conditions, while the Stability Shaft is promoting better energy transfer via lower torque and less shaft oscillations.

BGT has had a tremendous uptake on the PGA Tour Champions Tour and several PGA Tour players game the shaft as well.  One of those players is Ben Silverman who has one installed in his Bettinardi Tour QB 10 DASS putter.  He first put the shaft in play in the Dallas event, which isn’t a surprise since that area is where BGT is headquartered.

After talking to several OEM reps at the 3M Open about the shaft, they all said the main selling point to the tour players isn’t it’s stability, but instead the feel the shaft gives the players.  I found this interesting as they didn’t care about the performance as much as they cared for how it felt at impact.

Maybe the best video describing the difference between BGT and Strokelab from TXG…


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