2018 UST Mamiya Recoil Proto Review


This past season we had the pleasure to get some good playing time with the 2018 UST Mamiya Recoil Hybrid 100F5 Prototype.  UST Mamiya is very bullish on their Recoil line and view it as the best graphite based iron and hybrid shafts in the market.

For full disclosure, I currently have Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100  for my iron shafts and KBS Tour C Taper 125 S+ in my wedges. Previously I’ve played Matrix Ozik Altus X and Kuro Kage HY85X in my Adams Red hybrids.

Depending on who you talk to, there are several ideas surrounding hybrid shafts.  Some will say it should play like a more accurate fairway wood, while others think it should be an extension of the irons.  For me, I think that hybrids can be both those concepts as well as being neither.  After removing the Recoil, I installed an X100 tipped 2″ because not only was I curious about steel in a hybrid, but to compare the difference it would have compared to the above mentioned shafts.   UST Mamiya claims that the shaft has a 67% better energy transfer then compared to steel.  I don’t doubt that claim at all, but think that extra punch from the shaft must be respected.

So, with that being said, here is my thoughts on the Recoil 100 F5 Proto:

  1. Ball go far. This shaft has a beautiful kick at impact and can absolutely launch the ball. With the slightly lower weight I was able to create more ball speed and launch the ball slightly higher.
  2. With the increased swing speed also came some inherent difficulty controlling the ball.  While I had some shots that carried well, I just couldn’t always get the timing right and hit a few squirrely shots.
  3. On knock down shots, it wasn’t unusual for the ball to trundle on the ground for 30-40 yards.  While this may seem pretty impressive, as it should, the shot required even more precision compared to steel or the Kuro Kage.
  4. Oddly enough, I found the shaft harder to hit out of the rough then one would expect. I suspect this is strictly a weight issue as having the extra 25 grams would help force the clubhead to the ball. With that being said, I did hit several out of the rough that blew me away.
  5. The feel of this shaft on a purely struck ball is something else. That’s a great thing as it means that one will know when they haven’t made the best contact. Even though mishits felt a bit harsh, they still didn’t lose as much distance as I would’ve guessed.
  6. I never did have the chance to hit the shaft in a driving iron (think TM UDI, Callaway Apex UT) type club. For me this shaft may very well be better suited in a DI head rather then a true hybrid.

I think this shaft, especially in this weight, will benefit golfers currently playing 105gm and under iron shafts.  For me, it was just too light. While I appreciated bombing the snot out of the ball every so often, I just couldn’t repeat it often enough. With that being said, UST Mamiya now has a 130gm version of this shaft out on tour and from those who I talked to who’ve played it all seem to think it’s the bee’s knees.

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