Tifosi Launches New Enliven Eyewear

In the hyper competitive specter of golf eyewear, Tifosi Optics has just launched their newest innovation, Enliven Color Capture Technology.  Enliven, in a nutshell, makes the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) colours stand out by adjusting the wavelength of the incoming light.  The greater contrast with the RGB spectrum will reveal “changes in textures of the greens” and also maximize “color separation to enhance depth perception”, according to Tifosi.

While we haven’t been able to definitively corroborate the claims Tifosi Optics is making about the Enliven technology, due to among other things, snow, we can comment on the quality and peripherals of the product.  When we unboxed the glasses, they were in a case normally suited for lenses twice the MSRP. As well as a very well built and designed hard case, the sunglasses also come with a soft cloth bag that is also used to clean the lenses.

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The model we received was the Seek FC.  The Seek FC features a Grilamid TR-90 “floating frame” in that the side arms are connected directly to the lenses and don’t have a structural rib running across the front. The side arms have non-slip hydrophobic rubber sleeves and the nose piece is fully adjustable and also has the same rubber coating as the sidearm ear piece. The sidearms connect to the lenses via a steel screw and rotate 90° to close.  The  shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses themselves are fairly rigid compared to the rather flexible sidearms.  As with most lenses, they provide complete UVA and UVB ray protection.

While we won’t perform a break test to see the full flexibility of the glasses, they do have a fair amount of torque which aids in the comfort of the person wearing them.

Tifosi has set a price of $49.99USD (+/- $60CAD) for the Enliven line of eyewear and at that price point makes it very competitive, especially against higher priced models.  The fit and finish of theses glasses is not what one would expect from something in this price range and should should help propel Tifosi into more and more proshops around the region.

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