Hathway-Stewart Storm Towel

Hathway-Stewart has introduced another product to compliment their Jones Golf Bags line, the Storm Towel. As the name suggests, the Storm Towel is a golf towel designed to keep the clubs clean, and when raining, dry as well.

The towel is comprised of a Rip-stop nylon outer shell, a polyurethane under layer and a Terry cloth inner layer. Designed for durability, the towel also features a 132lb. rated marine grade stainless steel carabiner with an stainless steel grommet.  Keeping the towel together is an industrial double stitch polyester which is also UV resistant. The Terry cloth (100% Cotton) inner layer is 550gm density and is thick enough to easily get into the clubs grooves while still being very absorbent.

The Towel is not on the lighter side, but that’s a good thing.  The last thing a golfer wants is their protective cover blowing off in the wind. While OEM covers can be finicky to install on short notice, the Storm Towel is free-floating above the clubs.  No snaps or Velcro to mess with.  On the inside of the towel is a water proof chamber designed to hold gloves. We’d venture to stay while it isn’t practical to hold bulky items, it could hold other items that need to be protected from the rain. The opening also allows for extremely easy access to customize the towel with golf course/corporate logos and stitching.

For product care, the Storm Towel is machine washable (cold water) and dryer safe on low heat.

There are 5 colour options (Red, Black, White, Navy and Grey) and all have a white liner.  Retail pricing is set for $100CAD and Hathway-Stewart is taking orders for spring delivery.  There is a limited release slated for Christmas.  It should be noted that the Storm Towel is Canadian made.

On our search for the perfect golf towel, the Storm Towel checks a lot of the details we expect to see in an all-in-one product and we fully expect this new product to be a hit with green grass shops across Canada and the US.

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