Srixon Z585 & Z785 Drivers

Srixon/Cleveland Golf has recently officially introduced their 2018 lineup of clubs.  While most of the focus (and rightly so) has been put on the irons, their 2016 drivers (Z65 series) were no slouch, and this new series builds on that past performance.

Credit has to be given to Srixon/Cleveland Golf for making premium shafts stock or no upcharge.  They first started this with the 2016 iron line and have now brought the concept to the driver line.  While it isn’t as diverse as the irons, it is still impressive nonetheless.  The no charge list is at the bottom of this page.

Just as in the previous generation, the Z585 is designed to be more forgiving, launch higher and more accurate, while the Z785 has a slightly deeper face, lower ball flight and has more workability.  Both drivers are 460cc.

The Z585 has a solid, traditional hosel while the Z785 features the adjustable hosel.


Ti51AF Cup Face

Stronger, lighter, and faster: our new Ti51AF Cup Face produces exceptional ball speed for greater distance.

Lightweight Carbon Crown:

A lightweight carbon crown moves mass to the perimeter for more forgiving, more accurate drives.

Quick Tune System:

The Z785 The adjustable adapter allows for the loft and face settings to be changed 12 different ways. Pictured below is the infographic from the product handbook.

Loft lie

Specs for both drivers:

9.5° 45.25” 58° 460cc D4 RH/LH

10.5° 45.25” 58° 460cc D4 RH/LH

585 Images

785 Images


Srixon has gone to great lengths in their last release to not only make the product better, but also make it substantially more attractive from a retail perspective.  The Project X Handcrafted line, that other OEM’s charge an upgrade fee for, is no charge is a big deal.  Srixon is now prepared to go head to head with the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping.  They are not shy about it and are taking a calculated gamble doing so.  The tough part will be getting golfers to actually test the product and not make a predetermined judgement about them.


No charge shaft list:

Project X Yellow 65 & 75 Handcrafted

Project X Black 65 & 75 Handcrafted

Project X Evenflow Blue 65 Handcrafted

Fujikura Atmos Tour 6 Black

Miyazaki Kuala Mizu 6

UST Mamiya Helium 4