Antigua Can Dress You For The Course

By Jim Claggett

There are plenty of great sayings about the game of golf including this one which applies to basically all level of golfer.

“If you can’t play well, at least look good while doing it.” I am not sure who said that but they may have been on to something.

Enter the newest in spring golf wear from Antigua.

The Peoria, Arizona based apparel company has trotted out the 2018 line of it’s men’s outerwear with new styles which will have you looking sharp out on the course. No guarantee on scoring however.

Antigua has been around since 1979 and current CEO Ron McPherson was the company’s first employee after he decided a golf career was not in his future. The garment industry however was and he relishes what he does.

“It’s kind of like golf, it’s competitive. It’s fun to compete, particularly when you’re competing against giant companies and when you win your little battles, that’s a lot of fun,” said McPherson.

Having fun on the golf course includes staying warm and comfortable during those early rounds when temperatures can be a bit brisk.

“Over the last few years the style which is called the quarter-zip, a pullover with a quarter-zip approach has become the new sweater,” said McPherson.

The Anchorage, a long-sleeve pullover type is the favorite when it comes to wearability and fashion simplicity. It has that great combination of style and warmth for those early spring days and of course late fall. McPherson added this sweater can be part of your golf course attire and just as well be worn to a variety of events which are part of your lifestyle.

“It’s got a great hand, which is the feel of the garment. There’s good traditional colours in it and then it has what we would call that classic design element across the arms and shoulder,’ said McPherson. “It’s the kind of garment you can play golf in or go to lunch in.”

The Profile design team had some fun with this garment said McPherson.

“To give it’s dimension they reversed the fabric so in certain areas you have one phase of the fabric and in others you have the reverse phase which gives it a two-tone look.”

Voyage is a very soft fabric with more of a colour block approach where there is colour underneath the arms and down the sides of the garment. It offers the versatility to be casual or classic wear on the links.

Frontier is a somewhat heavier garment in comparison which is great for those early morning risers hitting the course at the same time as the grounds crews start work. You just might need that heavier, fully-fleeced garment to start your round.

Rounding things out is Antigua’s wind vest Maritime which fits as a wind vest should according to their press release. When you think Maritime, wind and rain come into one’s mind and this garment fits that bill if you must battle the elements during your round. It’s a water-resistant wind shirt that’s half sleeve. “You know a lot of golfers like their arms from the elbow down not covered so it makes it easier for them to swing a golf club.”

McPherson says Antigua has earned it’s place in spots like Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, and Whistling Straits, as well as the many other clubs and resorts which carry their product in North America.

“In many cases your product has to be better because you’ve got to give the resorts and the events a reason to change from a giant brand.”.

So putting on one of these outerwear pieces may not have you posting the course record but whatever your score is, you’ll be warm and looking good the entire time.



*Editor’s note: In our goal to not only promote the game of golf, but also the people who write about it, we have had permission to repost this content by the author. The original article can be found here.