Titleist 2018 Velocity Golf Balls

This year Titleist is releasing a revamped Velocity golf ball. The Velocity is Titleist’s answer for golfers wanting only one thing in a ball, distance. While we won’t go as far as to say it’s a glorified Pinnacle, the ball does have a lot of traits that the sibling brand promotes for it’s own line.

The new iteration has an upgraded core, new cover and now comes in several eye catching colours.  The new LSX core is softer and is designed to launch the ball higher, with less spin and greater speed.  The new NaZ+ cover with help transfer the energy from the club head to the ball more efficiently  and has a 328 dimple tetrahedral pattern.

The real change in the new ball is the different high visibility colour options. This generation will come in VISI-White, Velocity Orange and Velocity Pink. The white version has orange stamping and based off of consumer feedback, will have double digit numbers including 00, 22,77 & 99. By those numbers it appears that the feedback group must’ve been hockey fans that liked Phil Esposito & Ray Borque (77), Wayne Gretzky (99) and Mike Bossy (22).  Hopefully they will eventually release 66 (Mario Lemieux), 55 (Mark Sheifele) and 88 (Eric Lindros).

The line is currently available at retail and has a street price of $29CAD.

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