2018 Callaway Golf Rogue Irons

In our final full preview of Callaway Golf’s 2018 line, we will be looking at the Rogue irons. The irons will feature a total of 4 different sets: Rogue, Rogue Pro, Rogue X and Rogue Womens.

The Rogue irons are going after golfers looking for more distance, no matter the handicap.  The irons feature Face Cup tech, Internal Standing Wave and Urethane Microspheres.

The Face Cup, which helps increase COR of the strike zone, also has Variable Face Technology, which helps increase ball speed on off center strikes.

Internal Standing Wave: ISW is tungsten that is formed into precise dimensions to allow the club designers to place the CG location where they find ideal.

Urethane Microspheres: The issue with high COR irons like the Rogue series is the feel that the clubs produce compared to forged blades and cavity backs.  Callaway engineers created an insert that will provide a more forged feel but not compromising the ball speed the face creates.

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The standard Rogue model is geared towards the mid-handicap looking for extra ball speed and launch but don’t like hitting glorified shovels.

Rogue pro will have less offset, thinner sole and top line and is aimed toward lower handicap golfers or those who prefer to smaller clubhead profile.

The Rogue X is, well to put it simply, designed for maximum distance, forgiveness and ball speed.

Pricing for the Rogue and Rogue X will be $900 steel, $1000 graphite while the Rogue Pro Irons will be $1000.  All prices listed in USD. Irons will be at retailers February 9.