2018 Callaway Rogue Hybrids

Added to the 2018 Callaway Golf’s Rogue lineup is another first for the company. Just like they did with the fairways, they were able to stick their proprietary Jailbreak technology into a hybrid. Is this reason to get excited? Well, based on the specs, it looks like Callaway Golf’s engineers said “hey, it works in the fairways, let’s stick everything into the hybrid too!”  I won’t go as far as to say they copy and pasted the tech into mini-me fairways, but if you have something good and you know it, you will try to install it into every application possible.

Hybrids are still gaining traction as a viable alternative to higher lofted fairway woods.  Having technology designed for a fairway wood in a hybrid isn’t a bad idea and from a marketing stand point it’s a smart move.

Two different versions are coming to retail. The standard Rogue and Rogue X.  Think of the Rogue as the player’s version while the Rogue X as the larger, more forgiving, lower lofted, less workable model.

Essentially, both models have technology that has floated down from the fairway wood designs.

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The biggest advancement is the addition of Jailbreak. Jailbreak allows the club to transfer energy back to the ball by substantially stiffening the body. The only difference is that instead of being made of titanium, they’re made out of steel.

Internal Standing Wave: Formed tungsten that is thin and and asymmetrically shaped, this technology helps designers place the CG location more precisely. In this case, low and forward to help elevate the ball.

Face Cup: The Face Cup is developed from a single piece at the front of the club head that
contains a curved striking surface on the crown, sole, and heel and toe. This allows the edges of the face to flex at impact.

The Rogue and Rogue X hybrids will be on store shelves February 9th and will be priced at $249USD.