Ping Goes to the Max

With Boeing selling the iconic 737 in a Max version now, it makes complete sense that Ping Golf would join in on the fun. Debuting on tour at the 2018 Sony Open, the G400 Max is a larger footprint version of the well received G400 series drivers.

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The Max is 460cc, which is 15cc larger than the G400 series.  Along with the size increase comes more forgiveness and an even lower CG position compared to the standard G400.

The face has a new pattern compared which help frame the ball at address. Added to the face is a textured surface, which Ping claims will help reduce spin.  Ping is not alone in applying this sort of technology to the face structure. Multiple manufacturers use face roughness to help hold the ball on the face slightly longer, therein reducing the amount of spin imparted to the ball.

The stock shaft is Ping’s proprietary Alta CB 55 shaft, available in A, R, S and X flexes.

Pricing is not known at this time but expect it to be similar to the standard G400 at $599CAD.