2018 Snell MTB Red and Black

Dean Snell, the designer behind the Titleist ProV1 and Taylormade TP series golf balls, has just launched his second generation My Tour Ball (MTB).  The Original MTB, released several years ago, was a success from several aspects. First, as a direct to consumer product, Snell Golf was able to keep costs and interact directly with the consumer.  It was a bit of a risk, but one that Dean was willing to take. Secondly, not only did it score well with testers, it also scored well with golf sites such as MyGolfSpy.com and Golfwrx.com

With these new releases, Snell Golf has created three versions of the My Tour Ball.  MTB Black is a 3 piece ball that is in essence the continuation of the original MTB.  It has a Urethane cover with a 360 dimple pattern. The core is 7% lower compression, which is claimed to lower spin off of the driver. While pricing in Canada has not been released, expect to see it around the $43CAD mark. USD pricing is set at $32.

The MTB Red comes in two colour versions, white and optic yellow. The Red is a 4 piece ball that has an added inner mantel layer that will help increase spin on shorter shots. The Urethane cover has a 338 dimple pattern and Snell Golf Dual Feel technology that makes the ball feel firmer on longer shots and softer feeling on shorter shots.

Pricing is the same as the MTB, $43CAD (expected) /$32USD.