Stumbling Into First Base

Recently my Twitter timeline has been slightly dominated by @clubproguy (CPG) and the ongoing saga regarding his “sponsorship” from Lynx Golf.  I’ll be blunt. It absolutely baffles my mind why a company wouldn’t be all over an opportunity as good as CPG to enter the market while already having non-paid brand affiliation from said Twitter account.  CPG is trending up and is being engaged by golf social media heavyweights No Laying Up, monthly publication Golf Digest and tour pros at all levels.

When CPG posted on Twitter that he will no longer be “sponsored” by Lynx, almost immediately Callaway, Bridgestone, Snell Golf and Clicgear Canada engaged the tweet. Why? A marketing goldmine like CPG doesn’t become available everyday. This was literally already in Lynx’s lap.  Now? Well, it looks like that bridge has been burned. OEM’s have spent thousands of dollars to interact with social media accounts that have way less followers then CPG.   Instagram darling Paige Spiranic is a great example. Callaway Golf was more then willing to sign her to a contract while she was on the rise. Once the contract was nearing it’s end, PXG bet that signing her away from Callaway would be a good move, and was willing to pay to do so.

The investment into securing a marketing deal with CPG probably wouldn’t cost Lynx Golf much, and the amount of  exposure they would receive would help legitimize their brand, not the other way around.   In the past week on Twitter, the amount of backlash Lynx Golf UK has received compared to positive attention is vast. The question has to be asked. Would it hurt Lynx if they don’t have anything to do with CPG?  The short answer is yes.  The chances of his followers actually trying the product will be higher than from the negative reactions they’re currently receiving.

Look, while it confounds me why Lynx would pass up on a golden ticket opportunity, ultimately they have their reasons why they don’t want to be associated with CPG. With the upcoming PGA Show, it will be interesting to see the reaction, especially from the club professionals, that they give to Lynx Golf. The PGA Show would’ve have provided a great stage to announce that they have re-signed CPG to a contract extension.  Don’t be surprised if the warm Florida welcome they intended to receive is instead a “chili” polar vortex.