Callaway 2018: MD4 Wedges

Callaway Golf has formally introduced their 2018 MD4 wedges, designed by the legendary Roger Cleveland. The wedges are, in a nutshell, several of their previous  releases all smashed together.  Think of the MD2 and MD3 blended together.  The heads are made from 8620 Carbon steel and come in Matte Black and Platinum Chrome finishes.

The MD4 wedges feature all new super aggressive grooves featuring milled micro grooves between them. From the Callaway site: “The Micro-Positive surface roughness, milled into the flat parts of the face, features three raised micro-ridges, extending the length of the hitting area, with micro-grooves between the ridges that help grab the ball’s cover to increase spin significantly on a variety of shots.  This combination of grooves plus micro-grooves provides 84 different contact points to grab the cover.”  The wedges in lofts 54 degrees and higher feature an extra “cheater” groove near the leading edge, which is intended to help with shorter shorts.

The MD4 wedges will be available in four distinct grinds:

C Grind: Increased relief, especially at the heel, making it easier to play shots with the face open. Ideal for medium-to-shallow attack angles and/or firm course conditions. 8° bounce.
S Grind: Medium-width sole with slight chamfer at the back and moderate heel relief to
keep the leading edge low through impact, promoting solid contact on open-faced shots.
10° bounce.
W Grind: Sole is wider at the center and toe and narrower at the heel, with moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber. That prevents digging without increasing bounce, and keeps the leading edge close to the turf at impact. Great for open-faced shots. More versatile than our previous W Grind. 12° bounce.
New X Grind: The newest grind features a narrow, high-bounce crescent sole, with the low point near the front. Excellent for moderate-to-steep attack angles and medium-to-soft course conditions. 12° bounce.

Stock shaft is True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 115 and will be available in lofts from 46 to 64 degrees.

From first glance it looks like Callaway has hit a home run with these wedges. They combined a lot of the features that golfers liked in previous models, added extra technology and then decided to put a high end shaft in as well.

Expect pricing to be $185CAD when they hit store shelves later this month.

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