2018 TaylorMade M3 & M4 Fairways


For 2018, TaylorMade is launching their new M3 & M4 line of fairways. Essentially these are, just like the rest of the products, continuing the legacy of the popular M1 & M2 models.

Notable updates to the M3 over the M1 are several.  The weight in the moveable track has increased to 29gms over compared to 25gms in the M1. The track that the weight slides in has also been able to be moved forward, bringing the CG location closer to the face.  A smaller loft screw allows for this design, and by doing so makes the club mimic a driver launch even more. TaylorMade also claims by moving the weight track forward also the allows for better turf interaction.

The Speed Pocket in the M3 has been lengthened due to the smaller screw, and by doing so there should be an improvement of increased ballspeed on low strikes to the face and an ever so slight decrease in spin.  The stock shaft will be the MCA Tensei Blue 65gm in R and S flexes, and 75gm in X Flex.  Lofts offered will be 15,17 and 19 degrees in RH and 15 and 19 degrees in LH.

The M4, just like the driver, doesn’t have the fancy sliding track treatment.  Instead, the head is designed for pure distance.  The refinements aren’t as numerous as the M3, but still have an affect over the previous generation.  TaylorMade engineers have incorporated a new sole, called “split weight mass pad”.  This technology allows for better energy transfer on off center hits.  The M4 will be available in lofts of 15, 16.5, 18, 21 and 24 degrees in RH. Left hand models will be available in lofts of 15, 16.5 and 18 degrees.  Fujikura’s 75gm Atmos Red is the stock shaft and will have S, R and A flexes.

What REALLY gets me excited is the addition of a tour model M4.  While I don’t have any pics or super detailed info yet, what I can tell you is that it will be 19cc smaller then the M4 and have a deeper face.  I do not know if the tour version will have the same sole weight of the 2017 M2 Tour. The available lofts of this model will be 15 & 18 degrees and like the M3, MCA’s Tensei Blue (65gm S and 75gm X flex) will be the stock shaft.

Pricing for the M3 is listed at $399CAD and $329CAD for the M4.

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