Taylormade 2018 M3 & M4 Drivers

January 03, 2017

Yesterday TaylorMade Golf released their 2018 driver offerings, the M3 & M4. This is an important release for the company as it is its first full release under the new ownership structure and as it fights to take back market share Callaway has gained.

This is strictly an overview of the new product as I have not had the chance to hit them yet. What I can say is that TaylorMade’s take on similar technology (TwistFace) already in use by other manufacturers is definitely intriguing. While some have argued that TaylorMade is simply copying the competition, I respectfully disagree.  Slot technology in metalwoods for example, pioneered by Adams Golf (which was bought out by TaylorMade), is in use of some sort by multiple manufacturers. The fact that TaylorMade is using a similar design is validation of the technological concept, not copying per se.  TwistFace is designed to provide better forgiveness on high toe and low heel strikes.  Gone are the flat faces of the previous umpteen releases.  Even though its primary design feature is based on greater forgiveness, the rounder shape of the face will also be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye for many golfers.

TaylorMade is also betting heavy on their above mentioned slot technology.  In the M3 & M4 it has been further refined and now bears the moniker Hammerhead. The crown shape remains very closely related to the M1 & M2, but gone is the trademark white.  Replacing the white paint job is a slick silver grey color, which accents the new red and blue M designation.   You’re not alone if you think the new M coloration is eerily similar to what BMW uses in their M badged performance series.  By coincidence or not, having some resemblance to the M car line is genius.

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The M3, which replaces the M1, has lost the “T” rail track and has been replaced with a “Y” shape.  This gives better CG adjustability and allows for the weights to be placed closer together in the rear portion of the club.  The hosel adapter compatibility carries over from the previous generation, which is great news if you like to tinker with various shaft and loft combinations.  However, for 2018 there is a new 4 degree sleeve that will be standard on both models. The M3 is available in 440cc and 460cc versions, and expect the smaller version to be more fade biased then it’s larger sibling.  The stock shafts will be the ever popular  MCA Tensei CK Red, Blue and White series.

268785-M3 Driver Hammerhead Still-c943d5-large-1514839325The M4 gets similar updates compared to the club it’s replacing.  Just like the M3, it gets the FaceTwist technology as well as the re-engineered Hammerhead slot .   The club size stays at 460cc. The Geocoustic technology, which debuted in the 2017 M2, has been further refined to provide better forgiveness and acoustic resonance.  The stock shaft for the M4 is the Fujikura Atmos Red 50/60 gm series.

Pricing for the M3 is listed as $629CAD and the M4 will be set at $540CAD.