2018 Callaway Golf Rogue Series

2018 Rogue
2018 Callaway Golf Rogue Standard Driver (USGA Website)
2018 Rogue SZ
2018 Callaway Golf Rogue SubZero Driver (USGA Website)
2018 Rogue Draw

2018 Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver (USGA Website)

For 2018, Callaway Golf is releasing a new series of Drivers and Fairways under the Rogue name. The new Rogue will come in 3 different versions, Regular, Draw and SubZero and have the same hosel adapter as the 2017 Epic line. Unknown at this time is what lofts will be released and what stock shafts will be available. The USGA has tested and approved all 3 versions as conforming.

In regards to the Fairways, the Rogue line will feature Callaway’s ground breaking Jailbreak technology. Callaway is being very tight lipped about these, and from what early testers have reported back to me, they might have the “must have” fairway metal of the upcoming season.

Expected release date for the drivers and fairways is the first week of January next year.

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