It’s official!

Over the past several months, our life journey has taken us along a path few would want to venture on.  21 months ago, our youngest child Karsen was born with collapsed lungs, non-functioning kidneys and a myriad of other intertwined health issues.  Everything that we planned for as a family was now in totally in God’s hands.  Not that it wasn’t beforehand, but our reliance on ourselves was completely out of the question. The learning curve that we endured, and to this day continue to endure, is steep and full of curveballs at every turn.

One doesn’t simply plan one’s life around a non-healthy child. It’s just impossible.  As much as  I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get anything to line up as I hoped or envisioned.  From emergency flights back home to Winnipeg to weeks on end spent in the hospital, our life wasn’t going to be same.  I ended up switching jobs to one that provided me more flexibility to be at the hospital and that had substantially better supplemental healthcare benefits (medications aren’t cheap). That’s what has led me here. Every night, at around 7pm or so, we connect our son to his Peritoneal Dialysis machine, along with a separate pump that gives him 1200ml of a specialized formula. This way while he sleeps he is getting his blood cleaned and is getting his daily amount of nutrition. Most of the first 2-3 hours is spent watching kids programming, or if it’s on, the Winnipeg Jets game.

Those hours have given me a fair amount of time to think about a lot of “stuff”.  What has transpired is that I have come to the conclusion that our prairie region doesn’t really have a golf outlet dedicated to it. I also strongly feel that a lot of our courses, and subsequent golf travel, gets passed up for the more “glamourous” locations in North America.  My goal is to help bring attention to these tremendous facilities and what they have to offer to the game.

While there will be a focus on courses, I am a diehard golf equipment junkie.  I love to tinker with new equipment and setups.  My wife calls it an addiction, and I think she is right.  We will be bringing updates on the latest equipment observations and releases, along with reviews and insights as well.  There will be some other regular topic posts, but I don’t want to spoil that fun quite yet.

While I’ll be taking the initial lead on this project, my hope is to bring in some extra writers who will be contributing unique and original content to the site.

As to my other passions, aircraft and cars, I hope to do some occasional work on these topics and how they connect with the game of golf.  Expect the unexpected in this department.

Through this journey as someone who not only loves to golf, but write about it as well, I have made many friends and connections along the way.  The plan is to provide links to those friends and in turn help them reach a new audience.

Again, welcome to this new venture in my life and I truly hope that this site will provide you with a place to hang out for a bit and take your mind off the happenings of your day. Cheers!

Jeremy Kehler


***For the past several years, I have been providing content exclusively to .  Even though I have started this project, my goal is to continue to provide material relevant to their site. ***




  1. Excited to see this happening for you, Jeremy.
    Congrats! And I hope we can tee it up together this spring when I visit the ‘peg on business in mid June. Looking forward to reading more!
    Cheers, Mike


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